Introduction to my business

As part of my course, I will be studying Enterprise and Entrepreneurship. This is the perfect opportunity for me to start my own business as a Social Media Consultant. I have a specific target group in mind, which over the next few months I will be researching to see if there is a need, as well as the ways in which I will be promoting my brand.

Nowadays Social Media is a key source of promoting, networking and communicating with friends, family, celebrities and brands.

I believe that many people who did not grow up with Social Media are missing out on the benefits that having Social Media pages can give you. Setting myself up as a Social Media Consultant, I will be targeting the people who would like to have Social Media but don’t know how to use it. My target market will range from business owners who only promote their businesses offline to the older generation who would like to connect with their families or friends online.

I will be regularly updating this blog with updates from my research and to log my progress.





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