Business Model Canvas

My idea for my Enterprise project is this: Many people who did not grow up with Social Media, do not know how to use it. This could be the older generation as well as the younger generation, including Business owners who may not be aware of the benefits that Social Media could have on their business.

Setting myself up as a Social Media Consultant, I will run classes in local communities for people to attend to learn about Social Media. This will include setting up accounts, running the accounts, as well as how to stay safe online.

The Business Model Canvas is a great tool, which allows us to design, create and visually map our idea in order to create our business.

It involves 9 key sections, which are expanded to set up the business.

Key Partners: 

This is essentially the people you work with who can help leverage your business in order to perform all key activities. For me, this will include venue owners (to hold the classes), local communities (to get involved), and a web designer (to design the business website).

Key Activities: 

This section shows what you require in order to perform well. For my business, my key activities will be to build relationships with local communities and community venue owners in order to set up and run my Social Media sessions. I will also need to network with a range of different people to gather ideas and work out which  methods will be the most beneficial.

Key Resources: 

 These are the resources required to deliver and capture value. I will need to build relationships with a variety of different people. I will also need to see if there is any community funding available in the areas I wish to run these courses.

Value Proposition: 

My value proposition is to improve service users’ social lives by helping them to connect with family and friends online as well as being able to see if there are any events going on in their local area. I will also show them how to stay safe online. My service will value customers by allowing them to get involved with local projects within their community.  For businesses, I will improve their efficiency by helping to set up and run their Social Media accounts. This will help them to gain more customers and become a recognised company by expanding their market, giving them greater access to clients. 

Customer Relationships: 

 This simply means, the relationships I will be establishing with my customers. I will build relationships with local communities as I will be helping them to get involved and give something back to the community. I will be working with business owners to help them to gain new customers through Social Media platforms.

Customer Segments: 

 This section involves the people that your business creates value for. My business will create value for Business owners, people who want to learn about Social Media and local communities.


Channels describe which touchpoints you are using to interact with customers and deliver value. I will have a website which will include all the information customers will need. This will be beneficial for me as it allows me to send potential customers to a database containing all of the information. I will be using flyers and business cards in order to promote by business, as well as relying on word of mouth and help from local communities.

Cost Structure: 

 So far, the costs I have thought about will include printing booklets containing information as well as the cost of hiring venues. I know a web designer who will create my website for me free of charge.

Revenue Streams: 

 This essentially means, how and through which pricing methods is your business capturing value. I will allow other companies to advertise on my website, bringing in income for my business, whilst promoting theirs. Customer’s will be paying a fee for my service if there is no local community funding available.

So, this is my business model canvas so far! Check back soon to see the updates I make 🙂



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