Creative Thinking Tools

Mind Mapping is a creative tool that I have used a lot throughout school and university. I decided to use this tool to aid my business idea as I feel it would work best. Mind Maps are easy to read and colour can be added! (this always helps me to concentrate and visualise the mind map) They also allow you to separate topics into sections which makes the information clear to see.

I think Mind Mapping is an effective creative tool, especially for businesses as it is a creative and logical way of making notes. They allow you to present, plan and consolidate data in order to effectively manage projects and solve problems. It also allows people to collaborate with one another by putting everyone’s input on the mind map. In addition,they allow you to add ideas at any time as well as focusing on the links and relationships between ideas. It is evident that mind maps are an effective tool. Many of my course-mates have chosen to create mind maps in order to plan and develop their business ideas. 

I have seen several blog posts where people have used mind maps and have been successful in doing so. I managed to get ideas of how to improve mine by doing this. Instead of straight lines, I should use curved lines as the brain takes more information in by doing this. I could include pictures and diagrams instead of just words as well as only putting one key word per line. Otherwise, it can become too wordy. 

The sections of my mind map were be split up into six headings. These headings fall under the ‘checklist’ method of creative thinking. Why? Where? When? Who? What? How? I wrote notes for each of these headings and I think most essential information was covered, although there are some improvements which could be made. 

I have been thinking about what else I could do with my mind map. I could expand on each topic more and try to fill the piece of paper with ideas. At the moment, my mind map is basic so my next step is to work on filling the mind map up with more ideas and more detail. 

You can see a picture of the first draft of my mind map below. 

Mind Map 2.JPG


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