Competitor Research

I’ve been talking about my entrepreneurial idea for a while now so I decided that it’s time to have a look at my potential competitors. 

When I first started looking, it was quite disheartening to find other companies doing my idea. But then I thought, is there only one clothes shop? Is there only one music teacher? Is there only one restaurant? The answer is no – everyone has competitors. 

I typed ‘Social Media workshop Cardiff’ into Google and 545,000 results came up. I made a note of a few of the companies to research, including: 

  • Marketing Tom
  • Spindogs
  • Maconsultancy
  • Miranda Bishop
  • Intranet Future
  • Lobster Digital Marketing

You can see my findings below…..

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I had a look at a number of companies in detail to see what services they were offering and how much they cost. I found that a lot of the courses were very expensive and probably wouldn’t attract people who didn’t have a lot of interest in Social Media. I was relieved to know that currently, I couldn’t find any company that were specifically targeting people who did not grow up with Social Media. Some companies targeted businesses but competition is healthy!

Another point I found was that a lot of the existing companies run training from their offices in Cardiff City Centre. The centre isn’t always the easiest to get too, especially for people without transport or people with any mobility issues. This is why I will be running my classes in local village halls/libraries/church rooms. I hope to attract local people who will see my classes as sociable events, not just to learn.

My next task is to start conducting my own research by carrying out interviews and questionnaires! Check back soon to see my progress!


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