Assignment 1 – Locally Social

I have always dreamt of setting up my own Social Media Consultancy, but I didn’t have a niche. Having to help family members navigate their away around Social Media, whilst convincing the others that they should have accounts, my business idea is to focus on people who didn’t grow up with the internet, as well as small business owners.

I will run classes in local communities throughout Cardiff where I will teach you how to set up and run Social Media accounts as well as answering any questions you have.

Why do you need Locally Social?

Have you ever been told off by your children for posting embarrassing content onto their Facebook walls? Or are you a business owner wanting reach a whole new audience?

Only 39% of Facebook’s users are aged over 40. (Kemp. 2016)

Why is this? Unsure of how to use it? Don’t see the benefits it can have? Or maybe you’ve just never been interested in seeing what Social Media is all about? I am here to offer you support and guidance.

Many of my competitors offer services from their offices in the city centre. If you are a first time Social Media user, you may find this daunting and wish to attend a Locally Social class where no question is a silly question. My classes will be informal and will be in a social setting with other business owners and people who did not grow up with social media. I can to talk to you, you can talk to me, and most importantly, we can all discuss ideas,make friends and become locally social.

How are my courses tailored to you?

I am focusing on people who did not grow up with Social Media. Therefore, these classes will not be aimed at people who are Social Media savvy. If there is a specific type of Social Media you would like to learn about, I will be running classes based on these ideas. At the end of all sessions, I will allow time for any questions to be asked. You will also be provided with a booklet containing the information discussed in the session in case you need to refer back to it.

Value Proposition:

Business owners – You will learn how to grow your businesses through setting up, running and posting content on Social Media . You will be able to network with other local business owners as well as increasing your profits by becoming a more recognised business.

People who didn’t grow up with Social Media – You will be able to connect with family and long lost friends as well as finding out about events in your area. You may see these classes as a sociable event as you will be able to meet up with other like-minded people from your community, whilst learning a new skill. I will show you how to post and where to post different types of content…you’re children will never complain again!!


In the Cardiff area, there are already Social Media Consultancies targeting business owners. However, I was unable to find a consultant who runs classes for people who haven’t been exposed to Social Media previously. Miranda Bishop runs a class for beginners-intermediate but, there is no business to my knowledge that will support and guide you in the way that Locally Social will.

I found a range of Social Media Consultants who all offer slightly different services. I found that a few of them were extremely high priced. Although, it can cost between “$1,000 per month to $20,000 per month” (The Content Factory. 2016) to have a Social Media Consultant. The service I will provide is going to be economically affordable for people within local communities. The people I am focusing on, will not be multi-millionaire businesses who can afford this outlay monthly. If you are currently not very interested about social media, it is unlikely that you would pay a large fee to attend a class.

Cost Structure:   

cost outgoings .png

Costs coming in .png


The next stage is to undertake market research with my customers to determine whether or not my original assumptions were correct and to find out exactly what my customers want. As Social Media is the primary platform of communication, most people would assume that everyone knows how to use it. But Locally Social want to show you that no matter how much or little experience you’ve had, we can help you.

The future:

Locally Social are aiming to start running courses in mid 2017. However, there are a lot of tasks to complete before then.

By the start of 2017 we hope to have the design work of the website, booklet and flyers done, and some of the initial content of the courses completed. This will give us several months to begin promoting Locally Social in your communities, ready to launch in the middle of 2017.

You can get involved by visiting Locally Social @LocallySocial_

To ask Locally Social any questions directly, you can email us on: 

I look forward to see you next year and helping you to become Locally Social.


kemp, S. (2016) Digital in 2016 – we are social UK. Available at: (Accessed: 5 November 2016).
The Content Factory (2016) Tag archives: Costs of social media marketing. Available at: (Accessed: 4 November 2016).

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