Locally Social PLAN

To further develop my entrepreneurial idea, I have decided to create a gantt chart as it will allow me to visually plan my time in order to manage my business. 

Assignment two is due in 14 weeks so now is the time to really crack on with market research and deeply investigating my business model canvas. 

Over the next few weeks, I plan to conduct two interviews….One with a business owner, and one with someone who did not grow up with social media. I will also gather any existing data as well as researching my competitors. As my customer segment are not likely to be on Social Media, I will be handing out surveys to a group of people I know who either do not have Social Media accounts or who do not understand how it works. Combined with the interviews I will undertake as well as gathering data from secondary sources, I believe this will give me enough information to take my entrepreneurial idea to the next stage. 

Once I have finished collating market research, I will move on to developing the cost structure and revenue streams. I will get in contact with local venue owners to negotiate a price and I will use the results from my market research to determine how much I would charge for each Social Media class. 

Once this has been completed, my next tasks will be to produce promotional content as well as creating Locally Social’s website. I will also begin to create the information booklets to hand out at the sessions, as well as beginning to compile notes about what the classes will cover.

I hope that once this is done, I will be ready to obtain feedback to then make any necessary changes before the submission date.

Below you can find the gantt chart that I have produced for my entrepreneurial idea:



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