Should your brand be humanised?

Humanising your brand is one of the simplest marketing techniques. It has been proven that coming across as a human, rather than a ‘robotic brand’, appeals to consumers much more.

With billions of brands in the world, your aim is to make yours stand out.

Brands who constantly post using business jargon, don’t appeal to many people.

  • Post content using a natural, friendly tone of voice
  • Use humour
  • Add an ‘About Me’ page

The more human your brand is, the easier it is for consumers to form relationships.

There is a scientific reason for this – it’s called:


It makes us pay attention to faces. (Rosensteel, 2013) In other words, movement grabs attention.

Viewing a speaking face grabs our attention because of the way we have been programmed.




Rosensteel, S. (2013) Why online video is vital for your 2013 content marketing objectives. Available at:

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