Alternative Britain

When I was growing up, my parents were always taking us on weekends away around Britain so we could visit a lot of places. Before visiting a new place, what do most people do? They search ‘what to do in ____’. TripAdvisor is the most popular website for this but the problem is that the main attractions will always stay at the top because: 

a) Everyone wants to see the same as everyone else

b) They are the mainstream places to go

c) Alternative places have not been put on the map

I visited London last year and decided not to do the ‘mainstream’ sites, restaurants, bars and shops. It was so enjoyable to see something different and experience a NEW London. 

I think one strand of Alternative Britain should definitely focus on the Alternative places in Britain. London is the main city tourist’s will visit. I wonder if this is because it is the Capital or if some tourist’s are not aware of other amazing destinations: 

  • Cardiff, capital of Wales….many tourists do not even know Wales exists. Cardiff has history, sites, beaches, shops and hundreds of bars and restaurants. 
  • Devon….Beautiful beaches, history, country pubs. 
  • Liverpool…The Beatles Museum, Albert Dock, shopping, nightlife, theatres, Mersey Ferry.

There are a lot of landmark’s in Britain, which are not regularly visited because they are not in mainstream locations: 

  • Hadrian’s Wall
  • Stonehenge
  • Angel of the North
  • Castles
  • Mountains
  • Loch Ness

These are just a few!!

Maybe on Alternative Britain there could be a review of a different place every week. A review explaining how to experience a different trip to London, which beaches to go to in Devon, or which City has the best shopping centres. 

In terms of promoting Alternative Britain on Social Media, I have read the BBC’s Social Media strategy and have noted down the points I think are important for Alternative Britain to adopt: 

  • Don’t copy our Facebook posts onto Twitter (they are different Social Media sites attracting different audiences….So the posts shouldn’t be the same) 
  • No text talk but make the posts friendly and informal. 
  • Introduce yourself or sign the post (Hello Sian here…..Or SB at the end of the post for Twitter) – More engaging and humanises the brand. 
  • Use images – Posts, “which included a thumbnail image in the link preview received 65% more “likes” and 50% more comments than those without images.” (page 4) 

Check back for more Alternative Britain updates soon!


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