Week 1 – Alternative Britain

The first class for this new module was an outline of our assignments and what the module would include. The website www.alternativebritain.com is a project we will be working on. 

As a class we used Slack to discuss ideas about what we think Alternative Britain should be. We have decided to focus on Alternative culture, lifestyle, places and politics of Britain. We will all be posting content to the site and using Social Media platforms to share the content. Using Google analytics we will monitor the growth of the website as well as looking at the Social Media analytics in order to see what works best. 

Our first task was to write a blog post for the site so we could report back as a class about how well it worked. Our other task was to determine which areas of Social Media we wanted to focus on. I decided to focus on Twitter for 2 days each week, whilst also writing blog posts. 

Our other task was to start thinking about Assignment one. We have to host an event which allows us to share our social media expertise with the public. My first idea was to use my enterprise module idea of running a social media class for people who did not grow up with social media. I will keep thinking of ideas to see which will work best. 


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