Week 1 – Analytics

Considering we only set up the Social Media channels this week, we have seen a steady increase throughout the week of followers and likes. 


On Facebook we received 21 page likes and reached 154 people. We posted 5 times this week so we aim to post more in order to gain more engagement and more shares/likes. 


This week Instagram achieved 34 followers and 105 post likes. As we start to post more content, these figures are likely to increase. Using the app ‘instrack’ we are able to find out which posts are the most and least liked, as well as the average comments per post. 


In week 1 we gained 54 Twitter followers but only tweeted 6 times so our aim is to increase these figures for next week. Twitter moves so fast so the number of posts needs to be much higher. 

Google Analytics: 

We have been using Google analytics to received data about the website. This week we obtained 79 unique visits, although our website bounce rate was 55%. Our aim is to reduce the bounce rate by adding a plug-in which shows the reader posts which are related to the one they just read. 

For next week I am going to post more content on Twitter as well as posting more blogs to the website. I am going to use relevant Twitter hashtags which are trending to see if this increases engagement. 

Here is a summary of this week’s analytics:

Analytics week 2.png


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