Week 2 – Analytics

This week we saw growth in engagement across all channels, although some saw more growth than others. 


This week the Facebook page increased by 7 likes, however, our engagement increased from 74 to 144. We have been posting more on the page as well as sharing other content to our own page. The post which reached the most this week was ‘Off the Beaten Path’ which reached 123 people. 


The Twitter followers increased by 8 this week. It is not as many as we would have hoped so more work still needs to be done to increase these numbers. My tweet about National Pizza Day gained the highest impressions and the most engagement. I used relevant hashtags which were trending as well as tagging the named pizza restaurants on Twitter. 


Instagram saw the biggest growth this week by increasing from 34 followers to 231. The strategy has been to like posts with the hashtags #Alternative #Britain etc as well as liking pictures with the #like4follow hashtags. This worked as the Instagram post likes reached 321. 

Google Analytics: 

This week the unique followers to the website increased by 7 although our bounce rate has decreased to 46.955. The traffic from social media has increased which means more people are clicking on the links which we share on our social channels.

Here is a summary of this week’s analytics:

Analytics week 1 .png


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