Week 4 – Laura Hogan: Social Media Optimisation

This week we had a guest lecture from Laura Hogan who works at RiceMedia. She talked to us about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and gave us tips and tricks to improve our SEO. 

SEO is extremely important because on average, people won’t go to page 2 of a Google search. Some people won’t even get to the bottom of page one so getting as high up on search results as possible is a necessity.  

She states, “30% of people click the top post, 15% click the second link and only 5% click on the 3rd and 4th.” 

Here are Laura’s top tips on how to improve your SEO: 

  • The keywords in your post need to be on your home page.
  • The word ‘Alternative’ needs to be on our home page otherwise Google won’t class it as containing ‘Alternative’.
  • Page tite – 55 characters
  • Description – 155 characters
  • Use Yoast (read more here) 
  • Tell the reader where to go next
  • Use Keyword.io to see the terms most people search for


I used this tip this week when writing a blog post about the top 10 things to do in Buckinghamshire. I searched which keywords people use and ‘Things to do in Buckinghamshire came up’.

  • Posting content which people can tag others in. She used this example:


I am going to create an image like this for Facebook to encourage people to tag others…therefore increasing our engagement.

This week I am focusing on ensuring my SEO is good on all posts. I will monitor my progress by looking at the google analytics as well as Google webpage.


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