Social Media Automation Tools


Social Oomph is a website which allows you to schedule posts for Social Media. It is not the easiest site to navigate so will take a bit of playing around to figure out it’s features!

The tweet cockpit allows you to manage what tweets you can see on your timeline. It allows you to exclude certain keywords and filter your timeline to only show tweets from certain people.

Another feature of Social Oomph is that it will notify us if we have already recently tweeted about a particular topic.

Social Media Automation.png

The monitoring section allows us to keep track of who is following and interacting with AltBritain.

Social Media Automation 1.png

I don’t think I would use Social Oomph as it is not the easiest to navigate and also only allows Twitter to be connected. I could watch tutorials to use it but I think I would try a different site first.

Watch this video below to see the sites my classmates looked at:


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