Week 3 – Analytics


This week we increased our following by 14. We are still not gaining many followers each week but at least the numbers are increasing. Our engagement has increased from 0.9% to 1.4% and we are now averaging 1 retweet per day instead of 1. However, we are still not getting replies.

The tweet with the highest engagement was ‘5 metal genres you didn’t know existed.’. The ‘Valentines Day 2017’ post gained the most impressions, but we did not receive replies to these tweets.



This week our followers went down by 1 and we only had 2 views. Our engagement and reach also decreased. The post with the most reach was the post about metal genres.

We posted more this week so we were disappointed to see the low figures. We are going to pay to promote some Facebook posts next week to see the impact this has.



Our Instagram likes have increased from 321 to 406 and our followers have increased from 231 to 247. We have started to receive more comments on our posts. We have increased commenting by 30. However, our likes per post have reduced slightly.



Our unique followers decreased this week from 88 to 63 and our bounce rate increased. More traffic has been going to the website from Social Media and the organic search rate has also increased.

We will continue to work on our SEO and readability to try and reach more people and increase engagement on all channels.



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