Week 4 – Analytics


This week we have increased our followers from 76 to 82 and increased our engagement to 1.8%. I tried to use more hashtags on my tweets which are likely to get retweets.

When I went back home to Cardiff I tweeted some pictures which I talked about in one of my blog posts about South Wales. The post below gained the highest impressions.


This week we paid to promote some of our posts. We increased our reach from 188 to 2196 which is a large growth. Our engagement increased from 108 to 223 which is an improvement. However, we only gained 2 likes on our page. This is something we will need to work on. We have shown that paying for boots increases reach but we need to think of a strategy that will simultaneously increase our page likes.



Our unique views on AltBritain increased by 30 this week which is our largest gain. However, our highest bounce rate of 75.65% was this week. The average time spent on the page decreased rapidly as well as the organic search.

We will need to work on our SEO as well as producing more engaging posts to try and increase these figures.



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