Social Media at Birmingham City Council – Guy Evans

In week 8, Guy Evans who is the Social Media Communications Officer at Birmingham City Council gave us a guest lecture.

He discussed the main aims of BCC’s social media:

  • Increase traffic to corporate website
  • Provide a human face to services
  • Extend brand awareness
  • Provide instant consultation and feedback
  • New channel for customer service
  • Saves money on traditional marketing – it’s a free marketing tool
  • Raise awareness and sell services
  • Tool to report service issues
  • Move things from telephone and face to face meetings – costs less


His day-to-day tasks include dealing with service enquiries and getting key messages across from the council.

Social Media tactics:

  • 30-40 tweets per day
  • Not as many on Facebook
  • Twitter is good for raising awareness but Facebook is better for engagement
  • Links on Facebook get more interactions than a link on Twitter.
  • Different demographics on Twitter & Facebook so different info on each
  • Not much engagement on Instagram
  • Google+ is hardly used anymore
  • Almost always use tweets with visuals or a link
  • He doesn’t schedule too much because people can tell.
  • Must be non-political – can’t show favouritism
  • Doesn’t reply to anything about diversity
  • He doesn’t block anyone because he wants to see what they are saying
  • Use a range of free tools to get their analytics
  • Use a lot of GIFs
  • Video’s on Facebook work well
  • Good engagement from email bulletins


This guest lecture was very useful because Guy Evans gave us a lot of tactics that he uses on social media. I already do most of them, but he gave me a few new ideas to try out.


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