Case Study – Cookery industry

Before running my workshop I decided to look at how cookery brands use social media. I did this to allow me to use industry examples throughout the class.

I searched for cookery  brands that I was aiming my workshop towards. Here are the results:

  • Most of the companies were posting images (GREAT!!!)

The Chocolate Brownie Company is a large business in Cardiff and even has stock in Tesco! Although their social media channels were not great. They don’t post regularly, however, they do post about events they’re at. Cooking 3

Lytham Pizza Company have a better social media presence as they tweet regularly. They use images and ask questions to their customers.

Cooking 4

Purple Poppadom promote their cookery classes by posting photos from previous classes. Posting photos from the classes could encourage the attendees to share the content, therefore increasing engagement.



Now for the best brands I found!!

Tea and Cake Cardiff:

  • Posting shareable content
  • Using hashtags
  • Getting involved with events
  • Using images

Dawn’s Pantry:

  • Post meme’s
  • Post pictures of dogs (always a winner)
  • Post user-generated content

The Pantry by Spiros:

  • Post lot’s of picture of food
  • Pictures make the food look appetising
  • Use hashtags
  • Post photos of the staff

That’s what I’ve found! I will be showing this information at my workshop to show good and not so good examples of social media use.


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