Branded Content

Branded content has fascinated me during my masters studies. Since I have learnt about brand personality , the need for brands to show what makes them individual and stand out from competitors has become clear to me.

I’ve found Branded Content is really about storytelling. Brands now realise that creating valuable visual content consumers will be interested in and can engage makes sense.

A great example of this is, especially in the music industry is from Chicago based alternative rock band OK Go. Their video from their 2014 hit 2014’s ‘I Won’t Let You Down’, has put a whole new spin on product placement.

In the video, the band go around on Honda’s UNI-CUB self-balancing unicycles, and represented a great PR opportunity for Honda. The YouTube video which has over 33 million views makes no actual mention to the car brand, but links to an interactive product website which allows people to view behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, and information about the Honda UNI-CUB itself.

As part of the strategy I have created for Grey Stone Records, I have suggested that pictures we post on Facebook and Twitter should have the Grey Stone logo on there. Every time the content gets shared, people will see the logo, therefore it will increase exposure for the business.


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