Why GIFs?

According to Twitter, in 2015, people on Twitter shared over 100 million GIFs. (Twitter, 2016) So obviously, as a brand, we need to be doing this.

Why do people respond to GIFs?

  • Allows brands to be human and authentic – “Brands who manage to stay human and share authentically can create a deep and special relationship with their audience, and funny/weird/endearing GIFs can be a part of that.” (Read, A, 2016)
  • Attract attention
  • Easy to consume
  • Take very little time to enjoy
  • “Offer call-to-action capability, and deliver an emotional impact that can connect your business to your audience.

People don’t like being advertised to….GIFs help this.

GIFs “have the power to tell a story in a different way than still content” (Georgieva, M, 2012)

However, the GIF you post, must be on brand and relate to what the company are saying, in some way.

“Align GIF creation with your brand guidelines and style guide. Yes, I’m talking fonts, color palettes” (Crowe, A, 2016)

I recently created a GIF for Grey Stone Records and ensured it matched the colour schemes on our social media platforms.

On Instagram it looked like this: (Black and White) I also edited the image so it fit Instagram perfectly. Otherwise, the quality would have been poor.


On Twitter and Facebook it looked like this: (Grey, Brown, Black and White)


They don’t look much different but it pays to make the effort!


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