Should your brand be humanised?

Humanising your brand is one of the simplest marketing techniques. It has been proven that coming across as a human, rather than a 'robotic brand', appeals to consumers much more. With billions of brands in the world, your aim is to make yours stand out. Brands who constantly post using business jargon, don't appeal to … Continue reading Should your brand be humanised?


Marketing Strategy:

Marketing involves finding out the needs of your customers, then delivering a service to them, which matches these needs. As David Parrish says, “Successful creative enterprises are truly customer-focused, not in the sense of putting customers in their sights (as if firing products at them), but putting the customer at the centre of their universe … Continue reading Marketing Strategy:

Locally Social PLAN

To further develop my entrepreneurial idea, I have decided to create a gantt chart as it will allow me to visually plan my time in order to manage my business.  Assignment two is due in 14 weeks so now is the time to really crack on with market research and deeply investigating my business model … Continue reading Locally Social PLAN


Assignment 1 – Locally Social

I have always dreamt of setting up my own Social Media Consultancy, but I didn’t have a niche. Having to help family members navigate their away around Social Media, whilst convincing the others that they should have accounts, my business idea is to focus on people who didn't grow up with the internet, as well … Continue reading Assignment 1 – Locally Social


Competitor Research

I’ve been talking about my entrepreneurial idea for a while now so I decided that it’s time to have a look at my potential competitors.  When I first started looking, it was quite disheartening to find other companies doing my idea. But then I thought, is there only one clothes shop? Is there only one … Continue reading Competitor Research


The ‘Mom Test’

The ‘Mom Test’ by Rob Fitzpatrick is so relevant to my Enterprise module but is also so true!  Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve had a lightbulb moment and think you have the next big thing? Was your mum the first person you told? I bet she said she loved it. Well….she … Continue reading The ‘Mom Test’


Exploring the Business Model Canvas:

My business will create value for business owners, local communities and people who want to learn about Social Media - in particular, people who didn’t grow up with it. These are my Customer Segments.  I have a range of value propositions, which can be completed by specific key activities in order to improve service user’s social … Continue reading Exploring the Business Model Canvas: