Sky high insurance because you use too many exclamation marks!!

Usually, if you’re about to apply for a job, you’d check over your social media pages to make sure your drunk photos aren’t the the first thing your potential employers could see. I bet you’ve never thought about doing it before applying for a car insurance quote?  Admiral have been forced to scrap plans to … Continue reading Sky high insurance because you use too many exclamation marks!!


Social Capital

Social Capital can’t be defined with one definition, as there are so many. Let’s start by looking at Bourdieu’s definition: “The aggregate of the actual or potential resources which are linked to a durable network of more or less institutionalized relationships of mutual acquaintance or recognition.” (Bourdieu, 1997:51) Now let’s compare this to Putnam’s definition: … Continue reading Social Capital

Tweeting & TV (including research techniques)

Having recently completed my undergrad Dissertation, it hasn’t been long since I last read about Ethnographic and Qualitative Research as I conducted both of these research techniques. Observing fans at a concert, as well as looking at specific tweets was how my ethnographic research took place. As Marwick explains, “The sheer volume of users, tweets, … Continue reading Tweeting & TV (including research techniques)

Marwick & Boyd – Social Media Interactions

Marwick and Boyd argue that “the fact that we constantly vary self-presentation based on audience reveals authenticity as a construct” (Marwick, A. E. & Boyd, D. 2010, p11). Being an individual who has multiple Twitter accounts for different audiences, I understand the concept of targeting specific tweets to different audiences and agree with the reading … Continue reading Marwick & Boyd – Social Media Interactions