Sky high insurance because you use too many exclamation marks!!

Usually, if you’re about to apply for a job, you’d check over your social media pages to make sure your drunk photos aren’t the the first thing your potential employers could see. I bet you’ve never thought about doing it before applying for a car insurance quote?  Admiral have been forced to scrap plans to … Continue reading Sky high insurance because you use too many exclamation marks!!


Danah Boyd – Addiction

When someone mentions the word ‘addiction’ most people instantly think of alcohol and drugs.  That’s what I would automatically think of if someone mentioned addiction to me. When I typed ‘addiction’ in to Google I was shown a list of websites about how to get help with drugs, alcohol and sex addictions. There was not … Continue reading Danah Boyd – Addiction

Social Capital

Social Capital can’t be defined with one definition, as there are so many. Let’s start by looking at Bourdieu’s definition: “The aggregate of the actual or potential resources which are linked to a durable network of more or less institutionalized relationships of mutual acquaintance or recognition.” (Bourdieu, 1997:51) Now let’s compare this to Putnam’s definition: … Continue reading Social Capital

Tweeting & TV (including research techniques)

Having recently completed my undergrad Dissertation, it hasn’t been long since I last read about Ethnographic and Qualitative Research as I conducted both of these research techniques. Observing fans at a concert, as well as looking at specific tweets was how my ethnographic research took place. As Marwick explains, “The sheer volume of users, tweets, … Continue reading Tweeting & TV (including research techniques)

Marwick & Boyd – Social Media Interactions

Marwick and Boyd argue that “the fact that we constantly vary self-presentation based on audience reveals authenticity as a construct” (Marwick, A. E. & Boyd, D. 2010, p11). Being an individual who has multiple Twitter accounts for different audiences, I understand the concept of targeting specific tweets to different audiences and agree with the reading … Continue reading Marwick & Boyd – Social Media Interactions