How to get the most out of Social Media

Here are some top tips I have come across to ensure you get the most out of social media: Use colour - "researchers found that colored visuals increase people's willingness to read a piece of content by 80." (Xerox, 2014) Use relevant hashtags as they are searchable by other users. Use photos and videos because … Continue reading How to get the most out of Social Media


Why GIFs?

According to Twitter, in 2015, people on Twitter shared over 100 million GIFs. (Twitter, 2016) So obviously, as a brand, we need to be doing this. Why do people respond to GIFs? Allows brands to be human and authentic - "Brands who manage to stay human and share authentically can create a deep and special relationship … Continue reading Why GIFs?

Branded Content

Branded content has fascinated me during my masters studies. Since I have learnt about brand personality , the need for brands to show what makes them individual and stand out from competitors has become clear to me. I’ve found Branded Content is really about storytelling. Brands now realise that creating valuable visual content consumers will … Continue reading Branded Content


Case Study – Cookery industry

Before running my workshop I decided to look at how cookery brands use social media. I did this to allow me to use industry examples throughout the class. I searched for cookery  brands that I was aiming my workshop towards. Here are the results: Most of the companies were posting images (GREAT!!!) The Chocolate Brownie … Continue reading Case Study – Cookery industry


Social Media at Birmingham City Council – Guy Evans

In week 8, Guy Evans who is the Social Media Communications Officer at Birmingham City Council gave us a guest lecture. He discussed the main aims of BCC's social media: Increase traffic to corporate website Provide a human face to services Extend brand awareness Provide instant consultation and feedback New channel for customer service Saves … Continue reading Social Media at Birmingham City Council – Guy Evans


Visit to Virgin Trains

In week 7 we visited the Virgin Trains headquarters in Birmingham City Centre. Our visit consisted of finding out information about the social media department, then we overlooked the social media department. Firstly, we spoke to the head of social media: Richard Shilton. He told us about his journey from school and how he obtained … Continue reading Visit to Virgin Trains


Week 4 – Analytics

Twitter: This week we have increased our followers from 76 to 82 and increased our engagement to 1.8%. I tried to use more hashtags on my tweets which are likely to get retweets. When I went back home to Cardiff I tweeted some pictures which I talked about in one of my blog posts about South … Continue reading Week 4 – Analytics