Exploring the Business Model Canvas:

My business will create value for business owners, local communities and people who want to learn about Social Media – in particular, people who didn’t grow up with it. These are my Customer Segments. 

I have a range of value propositions, which can be completed by specific key activities in order to improve service user’s social lives. 

One of my key activities is to build relationships with local communities and community venue owners. This is because I will be relying on local communities to attend my Social Media sessions, with the help of community venue owners allowing their village halls etc to run the classes. My value proposition requires this so I can value customers by allowing them to get involved with local projects with their community. For the older generation in particular, coming to these classes could be a sociable event for them. 

Another one of my value propositions is aimed at businesses. I will improve their efficiency by helping to set up and run their Social Media accounts. I will do this by networking with a range of different people in order to get into contact with business owners. By doing this, I aim to help them gain more customers and become a recognised company due to expanding their market. 

I’ve been thinking about the types of relationships I will be establishing and maintaining with my audience.

I aim to connect with my clients on a personal and friendly level. My clients will not feel like a customer, they will feel like a friend as I plan on making these classes informal and casual. My goal is to make my customers feel at ease in order to maintain relationships with them.

The mindmap below shows how my value propositions link to my key activities.

Enterprise picture.JPG

Check out my next blog which describes how I propose to address the ‘Mom Test’!


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